Success Stories


Prudence Louw

My weight loss journey is not the conventional story. I was born 2 months premature and as a result have been skinny my entire life. As a kid I remember that my head, knees and elbows were always the biggest part on my body. I have never had to watch what I ate or exercise to maintain my weight.

Two years ago I went on medication and within 2 months I had gained 22kg. The weight gain was a side effect of the medication, but it was so sudden and so severe that my body  and mind couldn’t come to grips with this. It affected my mood and self-esteem. Add to this the fact that I didn’t have healthy eating habits because I never had to, I didn’t know where to start. No matter what I tried the weight just kept on piling on. 

A year later I stopped the medication. I dropped the first 5kg easily but the rest stuck. no amount of exercise or diet helped and I felt so helpless. I felt ugly and unattractive and would lash out at anyone who would take a picture of me. I stopped living, the thought of having to go to a fancy event made me so anxious for days on end. I stopped looking in the mirror in the mornings when I would get dressed. I couldn’t identify with this body, I felt like I was trapped in there somewhere.

I saw that Tarryn had started a new business and started seeing people’s results pour in. I decided to sign up out of desperation to get my life back. Most importantly I signed up to THIS program because I have know Tarryn for many years, since I was 13 years old. I have witnessed her own struggles with her weight, trying all products available and not having much success or lasting success. If there was anyone I could trust it was her. 

During my time on the program I got a very bad flu, I suffered from a pinched nerve and had a terribly stressful time at work. Even through all this I managed to lose 10kg and get some of my self-esteem back. I also slept better than I had in months and my body started craving healthy foods and water. I learned to give back to myself and invest in my health which is something I would never have learned. This was harder for me because I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight. This was a great learning lesson in itself. I also learned that I could push myself beyond boundaries that I never thought I would conquer. I am not at the end of my journey and I still have problems having my picture taking but I am trying. I have very few photos from before the weight loss, and I still battle to look at those. Hopefully one day I will be able to.

This is a very challenging program to be on. Your mind and your body will work with you and against you at times. You will want to throw in the towel at times and just give up, in these tough moments hold on an keep going, it is worth it in the end. Be honest with yourself and reach out for help when you need it. I had moments where I ate things that I wasn’t supposed to, and in these moments instead of feeling guilty or beating myself up I reached out to Tarryn and got support. You are not always going to be perfect on this program, and in these moments don’t wallow in this feeling, pick yourself up and keep going. Nothing positive ever comes from feeling guilty.

I would recommend this program to any and everyone. Tarryn is an enormous source of strength and support. Her own personal experience in this means that you can trust her. This program WORKS but you have to come to the party too and do your part.

Be strong, believe in yourself and keep going.

Twanette Koekemoer

My HCG journey Aspire…

Well, at first I wasn’t to keen on this whole diet because I believe diets won’t work for this reason: When you stop the diet you gain the weight back.

But I decided to give it a shot and just to go and listen what it is all about. 

I then decided  to do HCG diet protocol m and could not be more happy with my results. 

This program is not a diet but more a change of perspective regarding  your daily food choices. This is truly a lifestyle changing program.  Of course it is not easy, this was a big change in my life. From fast food, heavy starch, high sugar and fattening foods to following a program of clean eating, no sugar, no starchy foods, it was quite a shock to the system and let me tell you…  it is the most difficult to eat clean when everyone around you eats well, what ever they want! 

This is where I decided to make this process more interesting for myself by trying new ways and combinations of food that I may eat! 

By changing my eating combinations and eating foods that I usually wouldn’t eat, I got to experience new ways of preparing food. 

Bu changing your mindset one can achieve a whole lot. When you get up each morning with a positive outlook it starts to get better and easier everyday. 

Let the weight you loose be your motivation everyday, not only because you are succeeding but also to motivate you to keep going and not to cheat!

Then off course you have an amazing support system from Tarryn and others doing the same program along side you. This helps so much with food ideas, advice and motivation on a daily basis.

Personally after losing 14.5 kg, I feel so much better about myself and my appearance.

I also  get so many complements and just by hearing “Well done”, “I didn’t think you can do it, and you did it”, makes you feel like you are on top of the world. 

Anyone can do it, they say “Being fat is hard and Eating healthy is hard…Pick your hard!” 

It’s all about hanging in there and losing one kilogram at a time. 

My best advise to you, is to do it for yourself! You will not regret your decision!


Mandelene Wilmans

Hi my name is Mandelene and I am 38 years old. After having a baby at 35, I really struggled to get my post pregnancy body back. I’ve always been a person that trained in the gym but could not lose that last 5kgs. I went on many diets and failed miserably, then I meet Tarryn and saw the amazing results she achieved with the HCG protocol. I then decided to challenge myself once again and started my journey on the HCG diet. At first I though how am I going to stay strong and focused, but I surprised myself and enjoyed getting creative with my meals. I have loved eating clean and best of all watching the centimeters fall off.

I then had a light bulb moment and realized I was an emotional eater and turned to the sweets and fatty foods for comfort, making me moody and tired all the time and the cravings that kept creeping up, it was like being a never ending battle.

I am proud to say I stuck it out and lost 7,5kg and 77,5 centimetres in 26 days (Half Round). This protocol made me feel energetic, happy and full of life. Loving my new found confidence and new look on life. Now I think before I eat.


Ilze Dippenaar

I started picking up weight gradually over the past years since my 20’s. As most women do, I have tried out a lot of diets through out my life and nothing really worked. I used to be on an appetite suppressant which worked really well, but I couldn’t always get prescriptions and it also wasn’t a guarantee that the weight will stay off… And of course it didn’t.

During 2015 I desperately tried to get below the 80kg mark but to no avail. I realised I had this “poor person” mentality where I will overeat at any opportunity, Birthday parties, restaurants, visiting my family…I would take the chance to stuff my mouth with whatever “I DON’T have at home.” So all the exercising I did really weren’t helping, as my eating habits were out of control. Then my roommate told me about this HGC diet Protocol, which she heard about from Tarryn. She went on it and I witnessed her transformation, it truly was amazing.

So I started saving, I first wanted to do a half round, but Tarryn advised me differently according to my weight loss goals… so full round it was! I was of course skeptical but it was something I had to try. I was scared of disappointing myself, as nothing ever worked. But, with group support and lots of patience, just over one and a half months down the line, I lost just on 12 kg!

I might not be at my goal weight yet, but it has definitely changed the way I think about food, and it is most definitely not my last round either.

I encourage you to start the journey…


Adrienne McKeen

“I have always considered myself fat from my high school days up until recently.  No matter how many pills, diets, shakes, etc I took, I would always just climb back to where I’ve always been. 

Then I heard about the HCG lifestyle change and I can tell you that it has changed a lot in my life, all positive changes of course.  It was probably the toughest eating plan I’ve ever decided to follow, but

seriously worth it. I mean really, what is 26 days (Half round) after all.  

Thank you Tarryn for changing my life for the better and helping me shift my whole outlook on what a healthy lifestyle is!”


Ninette Mahne

Hi their my name is Ninette Mahne, I want to share my story with you… After having my children, I struggled with my weight for such a long time. I was this emotional eater and I never did a lot of exercise so that was a problem. I wasn’t happy with ‘ME’, my self-esteem went down the drain, and I can’t tell you that I wasn’t eating much as I would be lying to myself and to all off you. I was over eating and not really eating much healthy food at all. 

In 2015 I started focussing on trying to lose some weight and dropped about 5kg. I then got stuck in a plateau and I decided to contact Tarryn, in April 2016 we spoke and I told her I think I needed help… she told me about the HCG Diet Protocol and I decided that I was ready. 

It took a long time for me to be in the right frame of mind to get my head right. So I started that same month and did a full round. It was the most difficult yet mind cleansing program I have done so far, but with God on my side and with Tarryn’s inspiration, I lost 12.5kg’s in total, I am on phase 4 now and my weight is really standing still and maintaining. 

I feel so much better about myself, and I feel like a new person…almost like the old Ninette. The HCG weight loss protocol has made me realise, that I don’t need to eat so much food and that I don’t NEED the wrong foods. It was the most challenging experience of my life in many repects, yet I have learned so much about myself. 

All that I can say it is not easy, but if your head is right then you won’t regret it at all. Such a life changing time in my life. I have started to think differently about food, what I put in my mouth, and that I don’t need to be an emotional eater… I am worth more than those bad feelings I sometime have towards myself. 

So take your self up on this challenge and watch how your life will change. I still want to do another half round, but no doubt this time around it will be easier. Thanks to Tarryn and all of the people that supported me on this journey, Love you all! Most of all, I thank my Lord Jesus. 

Be a better you… it is worth it!!!!.


My weight loss story (Likeleli Komane)

“I have been battling with weight loss since the birth of my three kids. I have tried so many diets with the last one being South Beach. I would lose a good amount of weight while on South Beach, yet it did not stay off and I ended up gaining all the weight back plus some.

After this, I could not get back into losing weight and decided that I was going to be heavy for the rest of my life. A friend of mine told me about HCG and on the inside I was laughing not really believing this will work as I knew it was only a “Fad”… How could a 500 calorie diet be safe? Finally a friend of mine told me how she lost 7kg and 10 inches in 15 days. “OK”, my mind is thinking; I then decided that I was going to research HCG, as I have taken a lot of nutrition classes and knew this was not going to be safe. Well, I was wrong… after a month of research and studying Dr Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches”, it all made sense on how HCG works and why it is very healthy to eat a 500 calorie diet while taking HCG. I was now convinced that the HCG protocol was not a diet yet a “CURE” for those who are overweight. Finally after researching, I decided that “HCG Weightloss Result” was for me and I bought my half round dose.

I was so excited to try this and since then have never been disappointed. I have lost 11 kg and 31 inches in 26 days and have maintained this weight for over 7 months now, I have gone from a 38 pants size down to a 34 pants size…Am I happy? Do I believe this works? YOU BET!!! HCG is one of the best things that have even happened to me. I have not gained any of the weight back, I had no cravings nor do I need any will power to do this program. It is one of the easiest things I have ever done.

I am loving my new body! I have my self-esteem back, I have energy during the day and I enjoy shopping for clothes.

If you think this is a fad or that others could do it yet you cannot, give it a try, If I can do it so can you.

HCG is THE answer and is yours and mine WEIGHT LOSS CURE!”

I encourage you to embark on your own personal weight loss journey now!

likeleli aspire to be

Beate Maricich

I have always felt that I wanted to fit into a certain look or size jeans but no matter what I did I could never get to that point, I knew I was overweight but never acknowledged the extent of what it was until… (and there is always an until), I came across a picture of me from the side, sitting down at a kitchen tea and in horror looked at the disaster which consisted of too many rolls starting to form a 3 tier wedding cake..

I then realized and started to think when you deal with the same struggle for so long, you get to a point of just giving up and even though you get the “but you’re really not that big” comment which is used regularly by the super thin woman, you know that as comforting as it sounds to the ear, the eyes certainly still sees what it sees.  I had over time read and re-read everyone’s weight loss stories, joined gym’s, had personal trainers, scoped out websites for fitness models and bought tons of fitness pills only to know deep down things were not right and could it actually really change??

So with having a good friendship with Tarryn and seeing her remarkable change and knowing we shared some of the same struggles and having seen her transformation in her life, I thought, well what else can I lose but fat??

Overall to date I have done 1 full and 2 half rounds in total, and lost between 15-16kgs. It has really been a soul searching and spiritually journey, you start to put faith in yourself again and when I went a little crazy about that 100gram I DIDN’T lose, along with Tarryn’s help. I was reminded to reach out to God for stability, you do however realize that you do in fact have self-control and are capable are driving out your negativity that you have let control your mind for so long.

It’s been a great journey, your body starts to change and it really starts to feel great!

I’m no Iron woman as I have picked up weight after the rounds and fluctuated but I know now not to get ahead of myself and that I just need to readjust and clam down, with HGC I really can still eat the things I love just in moderation and self-control.

It’s been a great experience but know that you will need to get your mind-set right as it is a challenge, but then again, anything worth it, always is!

Good Luck & just keep going and when it get s tough, just get tougher and you will be victorious!!

Kind Regards,

Beate Maricich


















Molly Mokoena

Hi Tarryn

“After many years of trying to loose weight and never really achieving the desired outcome, I never thought it was even possible and was starting to come to terms with the fact that I am now a size 36 to 38 until Tarryn introduced me to what I saw working for her the HCG protocol. My journey began on the 4th of August with the starting weight of 73kg’s after 54 days I had lost 11kg’s and weighed 62kg’s.

This process did for me more than just loosing weight but I learned a lot about myself. I feel amazing, my confidence is back and I have learned to make better choices when it comes to what I eat. I would recommend this to everyone who is serious about loosing weight.”

That is me☺


















Urisha Archary

This is a true test of commitment and self control. It’s important to be dedicated to change your lifestyle and stop the addiction to food. My biggest change came from reducing my portion size and curbing the constant nibbling. I struggled with the number of social events so I made it work for me. I feel like I regained my self confidence because my clothes fitted better! The support from Tarryn is incredible, it really helps to have a partner to get you though the initial phases and guidance through the later phases. I’m committed to remain at a healthy weight! Best regards, Urisha

urisha testimonial image

Bronwyn Bwalya

I was always a skinny kid, my Mom made healthy meals and limited our sugar intake. When I was in grade 10, I remember using my part time cash to buy and binge on junk food whenever I could, sitting eating alone in my room. 

I fluctuated between chubby and fat from grade 10 until last year. 

My loving husband married me seven years ago being 20 kg over my ideal weight. Throughout our marriage our daily food intake has been healthy but midnight snacking and emotional eating has been my mantre for a really long time. I’ve tried and did succeed on other plans but never reached my goal and always had cravings. When I fell pregnant in 2011 I ate well, not for me but for my son. When I gave birth to a 4.4kg baby, I thought “well this body is just what it is and that’s the way it’s going to stay”… Again for the wrong reason I lost a little weight for my sisters wedding but once again fell back into the same routine of late night eating to curb my cravings. 

I began HCG because it was my last hope, not only to be slender but to minimise the daily migraines that were debilitating me. 

When my father in law passed away suddenly and 6 months later my mom lost her 18 month battle to cancer, I had a choice…To loose all HOPE or get hope through someone who had shown me unconditional love and whom I trust.

From the very first appointment Tarryn met my needs, from modeling the example like a teacher would and explaining step by step, to being a call or visit away. Tarryn has been on this physical, emotional and spiritual journey with me and post protocol, she is helping me to maintain my improved body and maximise my full beautiful potential. 

I am a school educator which can be exhausting in every sense but I am inspired to dress, eat and teach better which inturn rubs off and is transferred onto everyone around me.

My mindset regarding food has been altered and I am forever changed… Thank you Tarryn for your guidance and support as I ‘Aspire to Be’ the best me!