We All Need A Wingman

The term ‘Wingman’ refers to an individual that has your back, some one who is keeping a lookout for you, especially in those blind spots that you don’t often get a clear sight of.

This term is used in the aviation industry when a fighter pilot has another pilot in a plane in close conjunction to him, to keep a look out and assist should any unforeseen danger or obstacles arise. I would like to encourage each of us to adopt this strategy as we endeavor on our journeys… Reach out and find your wingman, someone who you know will support, encourage but also warn you of impending dangers that may arise (these dancers may equate to cheating or giving up). To approach this perilous mission alone often ends in mishap and failure, hence my recommendation to bring in reinforcements.

I urge you to see the need for support and input from someone on the outside.

Through out this year I have had many wingmen… women who have aided, guided and supported me while on this journey. Some being close cherished friends and others being mere acquaintances, who in turn have become dear friends and safe places of refuge.

I hope to be / become one of your ‘Wingmen’, to offer words of wisdom, guidance and even consolation if things have gone a little bit off track. Allow me to support and inspire you as you navigate the trials and victories of this newly found flight plan…