So here we stand…

Another day has dawned and we once again set out on the next leg of our incredible journey. Be it your first day of the protocol, or somewhere in the middle of phase 2, you may even be in the midst of phase 3 … Know that we stand together and take the next steps to completing another day.

Today will bring victories as well as present some challenges but we will face them head on and celebrate these incredible victories as well as learn from the challenges that lay in our paths as these make us stronger and more resilient.

May today be one of victorious personal growth, be it in the area of learning to love yourself or learning to forgive yourself should you have slipped in any way, You are Amazing… Don’t let anyone tell you any different!
My hope and prayer for you, is you grow and learn through this process, learn to accept You and love who you are, as you were created in the image of the almighty.
Learn how to make smart food choices and more especially that we need to learn from the old adage “Eat to live not Live to eat” as the world and society dictates.
So here we stand… Ready to cast off and head on out in the direction of the horizon. I spur you on to Keep your eyes fixed on that distant finishing line and strive with all of your might to cross it with a clearer perspective on life, on who you are as a person and the incredible effort that it has taken to get this far.
Anchors aweigh my friend…