So here we go… I would like to share my journey, a journey of discovery of self, as well as the discovery of a weight loss protocol that truly works!!! Having tried just about EVERYTHING to lose weight, I am so grateful to have discovered the HCG diet. Weight has been an issue for me from a young age, wether or not I had reason to truly lose weight is debatable, but in my own mind I was so consumed about looking the part and feeling better about myself, that I was willing to do what ever it took… From Binging and purging, to an addiction to weight loss tablets to many yo-yo and fad diets.

I am so extremely grateful to have been introduced to a weight loss system that does so much more than aids in losing weight but most importantly helps to change the mindset that so many of us have regarding weight, food and our view of ourselves. I heard this quote today and thought that I would share it as we embark on this journey together … “Life is short and is meant to be lived with Courage and not laden with fear…”

Let us take these words to heart and not to just live, but really¬†L I V E… Just a thought 😊👍🏻


Tarryn Tippett


Image and Wellness Consultant

082 445 5654